Diego Leon Nogues, MBA & MS CIS UM '01

Business Development and Strategic Management Advisor

"There are many important problems to be solved ... you can't solve everything that is important at the same time, so what you have to do is figure out 'the bottom line' ... the 'main attack' to get the best results."

General Colin Powell,

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Some contributions in the USA and Latin America:

Nutrihuevos, Coca-Cola, Verizon-Terremark, TCA Fund, WorldAvenue-Niutech, Florida International University, University of Miami, FLACSO, ALTRAN-Tcbr, Telecel-Millicom International, multiples MiPyMEs.

Locations Miami, Boca-Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Aventura in the United States, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Brazil in Latin America.



Focus on the management of companies and operations of physical products and services. Achievement of high performance, profitability, and liquidity.

Solid strategic, marketing, and financial planning.

Complex projects in marketing and / or production; multiplicity (multiple products, markets, points of sale, mass sales and tactics).

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Telecel (today Tigo), Faces (today Grupo Cinco) in Paraguay.

Managerial and strategic roles


Update in the US and focus on business management with:

  • finance management: modern corporate and multinational finance models

  • technology of the new millennium: digital platforms, distributed computer systems, telecommunications systems, media convergence with technology. strategic and digital marketing, analysis of consumer clients by data.

  • strategic structuring of companies in phase: startups, development, and growth.

  • Structuring of processes, groups, and projects for business development.

Companies such as ALTRAN-Tcbr (French Conglomerate USD Billions in Capital, strategic business separation in Brazil), WorldAvenue-Niutech (USD 180 Million in annual sales), highly dynamic, 100% annual growth every year. Multi-Channel of physical and digital marketing. Multiple MSMEs.

Management, Analytical, and Financial Management Roles, with multi-departmental strategic leadership. Restructuring of companies in Crisis, and Development of Companies in Growth.

2010s until today

Focus on supporting companies as advisor, consultant, employee coach, and transformation manager.

Complexity analysis in small, medium, and large companies.

Supporting multiple companies simultaneously with advanced strategic, management and financial technologies and methods.

Companies like:

  • Grupo Las Tacuaras and its various companies in Paraguay: among them Nutrihuevos, and others in the livestock, construction and agro-industrial sectors.

  • TCA Global Fund in the US, financial support to companies in the mass consumption food sectors, telecommunications technology, web products and services, solar energy, retail, among others.

  • Zero Fractal, Digital B2B and B2C Services Platform, and Several MiPYMES.

Transitional Management Roles: CEO, CFO, Senior Advisor in Business and Enterprise Development and Restructuring.


Master in Business Administration

University of Miami, Florida USA

Management specializations, certifications and courses:

  • Finance,

  • Strategy,

  • Marketing,

  • Digital Commerce,

  • Telecommunications

Master in Computer Information Systems

University of Miami, Florida USA

Specialization in:

  • Management Systems Design

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of North Carolina in Charlotte, NC, USA

Specializations and certifications in:

  • Operation management

  • Information Systems for Management

  • Manufacturing Technology *

*Gaston College ( previously NC School of Applied Textiles)

Economics and Finance Studies

Pontifical Catholic University of Quito.

Specializations and interest in:

  • Macro-economy

  • Development

  • Finance