The World has changed much in the last 20 years, technology is ubiquitous in management of companies, resources need to be managed efficiently to operate well in a globally competitive environment, and crises like the Coronavirus or recent GeoPolitical events put pressure on the way we work. 

Many companies, entrepreneurs, and business leaders and teams must rethink their businesses.

This site will give you some information about the areas in which I could help you strengthen your business.  

Please find below some of the services I can provide to you. 

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We provide the tools and know-how of management, business analysis, systems, finance, operations, marketing, and follow-up on implementations.

We align the work to create "economic value" and "social value" for Stakeholders, Shareholders, Management, and Employees to win and succeed.

The role of our  advisory services in Strategic Planning

The purpose of this service is to provide a strategic road map, defining the business and management models for the future, as well as to serve as the basis for the progress-control system.

Financial Strategy

It is likely that your company has had a significant impact on its cash flows due to the effect of sales decline over the current Covid-19 crisis It is also likely that there will be impacts on the margin, price and costs of producing, as well as the cost of providing services or operating in the new reality.

This process could help you prepare a financial plan with clear strategies for the challenge.

The role of advisory in Financial Restructuring

The purpose of this service is to provide a financial road-map visualizing the future and supporting decision making.

Operations Management

The new reality requires an improvement in the ability of the company to grow and thus make financial improvements; For these cases, the proposed action is to help prepare and manage operational, financial, and marketing plans, and the design of systems and processes required to monitor Key Indicators to capture the envisioned opportunities.

The role of our consultancy in the Implementation of Development Plans

Crisis Management

The current reality could be overwhelming, it is possible that the demands of the situation, take the personal capacities of collaborators and the leadership of the company to the limit.

If this is the case, Crisis Management support of your company, or undertaking management functions until the organization is stabilized might be vital for the recovery of your operations.

The role of our advise and consulting in Crisis Management

It will be discussed for each case with the sponsors of each process.

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